I used to work at different hookah lounges so I never needed to buy a hookah. Due to COVID, I stopped going to hookah lounges for the time being. I decided to get a hookah, so I could smoke at home for now. The prices for everything here is great! Not on the expensive side and yet the quality of everything is still amazing! This is definitely my go to hookah store now and I would definitely recommend this place!
Great place and great prices I was pleasantly surprised. The girl working the counter was friendly and helpful for any questions I had. Will definitely come here for my hookah needs from now on
Wow this place goes beyond and above to help you with whatever you need. They are always stocked up on everything . The owner and sherin were so helpful. Also I could’ve believe the cost of the disposable vapes!!! BEST PRICES IN THE AREA
Eden Whitley
Great place. Reasonable prices and awesome customer service. Everyone was very helpful from my phone call before going and in person during my visit. Bug selection as well. Highly recommend.
Carla G.
Since COVD-19 has been here, I've been apprehensive about going to my favorite hookah lounges around the Far North Dallas area. I finally decided to just buy my own hookah. I wanted/needed help in buying something budget friendly. The Hookah Station was the perfect place to go. The Guy that helped me, I assume he is the owner, was very, Very, VERY patient and helpful. He answered all my questions and made recommendations with explanations as to why he recommended something specific. He even took the time to demonstrate how to assemble it. I left the Hookah Station smiling and anxiously ready to assemble my hookah after I got home. I remembered his instructions and was ready to use my new hookah. I did realize that I didn't have the foil sheets, but that was okay, I just used my on foil. With all of that said, The Hookah Station has found another new customer, and I will be going back to stock up on supplies when I run out. To the Guy that helped me, I'm sorry I didn't get your name, but, "THANK YOU!!!"
Shubham Kharde
Its like a mini hookah mall. Everytime we visit, the shop owner is so welcoming and the products are also at very reasonable price than anywhere in Dallas.
imran muhammad
Great place, awesome in prices. If you’re looking for Arabic flavours this is the place 👍 but they do have other molasses too, verity of accessories and Sheesha ( hookah). I don’t know many places in Dallas but my experience so far was great. Great friendly service.